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Tutorial Videos

Click the links on the left to watch the video on the right. Double click the video to watch full screen in HD.

Silverlight Designer

(PhotoBooks, Collages, Blankets, etc.)

Upload Photos

Uploading photos from your computer is very simple. You can easily create photo albums, add and manage photos as many as you like.

Apply Theme

Currently there are 37 themes for you to select. Click "Theme" and then just drag the pre-designed themes from the right and drop to the photo book frames on the left.

Add Layout/Text

There are "Layout" and "Background" for you to select pre-designed layouts and backgrounds, then you just drag them from the right and drop to the photo book frames on the left.
If you want to add some texts on your photo book, click "Add Text" and there is a frame to allow you to type the texts you like!

Remove Page Number

Check or uncheck "Page Number" option to display or not display page numbers on your photo book.

Add Embellishments

Make your photo book to be more interesting by adding pre-designed embellishments, categories such as font, pattern, tree, food, flower and more!

Add Page / Remove Logo

You can add additional photo book pages by adding $0.5 per page, and remove "Picture Your Life" logo by adding $2.

Shape/ Border

Add a border to the photo book and drag your photo into it and be turned into that shape! Choices of border are circle, round rectangle, ellipse, flower and heart.


You can freely resize and tile the photo which has added to the photo book by dragging with the yellow circle and squares which are around the photo.

Spread Images

Spread images across two pages Although the preview of spreading images accross two pages is perfect, the final printed photo books maybe +/- 1mm difference from the preview you saw, you take your own risk if you want to make spreading images accross two pages.


Add Event

You can put photos and texts on the particular days of the calendar to remind some special days for yours and your family!

Remove Month

Go to "Month Setting' and you can customize the months that you do not want to have in your customized calendar.

Add Kits

There are a lot of pre-design graphics for you to customize your calendar, categories such as Friend, Wedding, Baby and more! Just click "Kit" and select the category from the right, then select the graphics you like abd drag them from the right, and drop to the calendar frames on the left.

Playing Cards

Remove Poker Text

This video attempts to illustrate how to fully customize a deck of playing cards including the design on the face of the card and also the option to personalize the cards' letterings and numbers.

Random Compliments

"Thank you"

"Dear Team"

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